Upgrade Debian kernel on a SD/SATA drive boot combo.
I currently have:
Linux taz 4.4.132-1075-rockchip-ayufan-ga83beded8524 #1 SMP Thu Jul 26 08:22:22 UTC 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Debian 9
Root is on sda2
Boot is on the sd card (/dev/mmcblk0p*)

I am trying to upgrade it to a later release so I can get fan control (I have no pwm device). I've used aptitude to jump to 5.4.0-rc1-1120 but I don't seem to get it to reboot to it. I see a number of files on /boot (on the SD card) and I'm not sure if I need to change any of them (the efi is not something I've figured out yet).

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Upgrade Debian kernel on a SD/SATA drive boot combo. - by linuxha - 12-03-2019, 01:57 AM

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