anyone has any success in creating a media center with this yet?
(04-29-2016, 08:31 AM)ihsaank Wrote: hey!, don't have an answer for you as yet but i should get the Pine 64 today Smile

my plan is to connect it to my TV for display and audio, via USB to my external HDD, Bluetooth keyboard via usb dongle and 1GB Ethernet for network access as it sits next to my router.

so far i really like the Look of Remix OS but i am concerned about the some ppl still having Ethernet issues. but i will try it.
question what size SD card are u useing?

So far i have had minimal issues with remix os. Only that you do need a decent microsd card (mine is a pretty slow transcend 8gb card) and the card to get is the samsung evo + or just the evo will do fine too. From what i have learnt using the win32 disk imager with the remix os image worked fine. You do need to be patient as starting up can take a while. I did not have any issues with ethernet except that when my cable was too long (as i have network cables running through the walls, not exceeding 90m via cat6) it could not connect properly. All my other devices connected fine except the pine64.

(04-29-2016, 12:37 PM)Luke Wrote: Hw acceleration on linux is a no-go for now (as far as I understand) so you would have to go with android. Just get Kodi for android, install all the plugins you want and enjoy HD streaming from your NAS, plex, payed-for services or the Internet. 
This should also work on RemixOS ...

HD video is no problem at all just sound at the moment. I can get 2.0 fine but cant seem to get it to output 5.1. I did try the passthrough feature on kodi but the sound cuts off every 3-4 seconds. It is also connected to a pretty decent receiver capable of dts/dolby decoding at the very least

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