Stress Test (kernel compile)
I ran a series of kernel compilations to stress test the system and to answer the following questions:

  1. Can the RK3399 SoC handle the rigor of kernel compilation?
  2. Do the thermal characteristics of the SoC remain in the recommended range throughout kernel compilation?
  3. Do the SoC/GPU temperatures truly differ?
  4. Does the system under heavy load discharge the battery WHILE attached to DC power supply? (
I used an external USB 3.0 hard drive to both apply an additional power load on the system and to offload compilation writes (decrease writes to eMMC).

In summary:

  1. The PBP performed well, no lockups or freezes experienced.
  2. The max SoC temp measured during make -j6 was 74 degrees Celsius, within recommended operating range.
  3. The SoC/GPU temperatures do differ throughout operation (to my surprise).
  4. Data indicates that under kernel compilation with external hard drive attached, the battery does not discharge while attached to the DC power supply.
Subjectively, although the bottom of the laptop did get very warm it was not uncomfortably so. I did not think to measure the case temperature with anything other than my fingers.

UPDATE 02 DEC 2019:

The tools used to run the compile test can be found here:
The data I produced along with a report can be found here:

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