Citrix Receiver / ICAClient install for armhf
(03-26-2020, 05:31 AM)swulff Wrote: Has anyone gotten this to work for Manjaro? I tried installing the Armhf from the tarball running the setup script but was told the package didn't contain a version for my PC. I did the uname swap that @Arwen suggested but still the same message.

That's because the Citrix package is compiled for armhf and not for aarch64. Like in x86 land, the latest ARM processors have two "modes": 32bit (x86, armhf) and 64bit (x86_64, aarch64). Unfortunately, software vendors seem to repeat the same fuss we had when rolling out x86_64 with the ARM architecture.

Manjaro runs an aarch64 kernel with aarch64 user land (see uname -a and file /bin/ls) while the debian/ ubuntu builds for the pbp run an aarch64 kernel with armhf userland (afaik). No armhf user land, no Citrix Undecided

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