Write SD cards with Etcher for Pinebook Pro
(05-30-2020, 06:03 PM)ALBNC1974 Wrote: Have you tried warm-booting to the sd card?
I've found that my bran new (arrived Thursday) PBP will warm boot from the sd card, but won't cold boot from etcher software.   I too am looking for answer as to how to control uboot on this machine.

You can now download the U-Boot image onto your target's boot storage device using the appropriate procedure. If you already have U-Boot or one of its ancestors (PPCBoot or ARMBoot) installed on your target, you can use the installed copy to update U-Boot to a new version, as we shall see in Section 9.5.10. If you have another bootloader installed, follow the procedures described in that bootloader's documentation for updating bootloaders. Finally, if you have no bootloader whatsoever installed on your target, you need to use a hardware programming device, such as a flash programmer or a BDM debugger, to copy U-Boot to your target.

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