poor HDD performance - ayufan mainline OMV
I'm running ayufan's arm64 OMV build on my rockpro64 4GB. I have the official SATA controllor card and 2 WD reds.  I upgraded to buster and dropped in the 5.3.0 mainline kernel from ayufan.  I finally moved everything to a partition on one of the hard drives and use the SD card just for booting and loading the kernel.  After that, it's all on HDD.

The idea is to use it primarily as a nas and run a few background things on it, like octoprint and homebridge, but I also want to be able to have it play netflix or do quick internet searches while I'm working.  It's an odd build, but it's working.  But the hard driver performance is far worse than SD card. Try running apt upgrade.  It sit s and waits on each individual file.  The hard drive isn't thrashing  much either.  It mostly sits there waiting for stuff to do.

I know this wasn't the intended use case for the openmediavault image, but installing openmediavault on the other images led to weird problems, like dmidecode related bootloops.  However, I don't think this level of poor performance is related to OMV.  It just feels like its waiting for each individual step to complete and its much slower.  Where should I look to fix this?

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poor HDD performance - ayufan mainline OMV - by Mentaluproar - 11-11-2019, 10:26 PM

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