Longer Power Cable
(11-10-2019, 09:51 AM)Tekchip Wrote: The power cable that comes with the device is incredibly short. Nearly useless. It doesn't reach my couch from an outlet so I can't sit on the couch and use the laptop when battery is low while it's charging. I've tried a few different USB-C wall warts and cables and while most can charge the laptop while I'm not using it they can't really push enough power to charge in a reasonable amount of time while in use.

Does anyone have recommendations for either a USB-C wall wart that can charge the laptop quickly?

Alternatively can a USB-A wall wart of reasonable power used in connection with this https://store.pine64.org/?product=2-mete...ower-cable be used? If yes, then what wall warts are others using with this cable? This cable is listed under the laptops section of the store page and it's noted it works for "Pinebook" but I don't want to assume this matches the PBP as there are a hand full of other exceptions I've seen mentioned. If this does match with the PBP perhaps this could be more explicit on the store page.

Thanks for any help or insight anyone can provide!

This one works fine for me: https://youtu.be/4RKp-1nN6d8

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