USB-C hub adapters?
(11-01-2019, 07:24 PM)Watercourse Wrote: Anyone having good or not-so-good luck with USB-C multi-port power adapters and the PBP?
Recommendation, condemnations and reviews...
Maybe a little early, but i think many of us will be interested in this subject soon.

I tried a small USB power brick. Using it's USB Type C port for charging the Pinebook Pro, it lit up the charging LED. Did not leave it on.

This power brick has;

3 x Type A - 5volt , 2.4amp; Shared for all 3 ports
1 x Type C - 5volt, 9volt, 12volt, 15volt, 20volt; All at 3amps

Mine is mostly used for charging phones and tablets. Works well for my use.

It's currently too far from my Pinebook Pro. And with only 1 USB Type C port, I can't dedicate it for charging PBP, (my new tablet requires USB Type C).
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