Pinebook 1080p / KDE Neon freezes every 5-10 min
Hello savants,

After reinstalling "Factory Reset KDE Neon" on my Pinebook 1080P (it crashed in the middle of updating) I was in the middle of updating applications when the computer starting freezing every 5-10 minutes, requiring me to shut the system down by long-pressing the power button and pressing it again.

I found a thread in this forum tracing similar behavior back to Firefox ( so I removed the setting that autoloaded Firefox when KDE Neon loads ( per page 3). I have tried working carefully without Firefox running, and the system still freezes.

My only major adjustments to the system's operation have been to enable it to start up without prompting for username/password, and enlarging the default font.

Any ideas what might be causing this behavior?

Thanks in advance, R.M.

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Pinebook 1080p / KDE Neon freezes every 5-10 min - by pyrrhumain - 08-18-2019, 04:41 PM

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