Using external harddrives with pine?
(04-26-2016, 11:25 PM)CaptainZalo Wrote: The pine doesn't give enough power over the USB port to power a disk. Get a powered usb hub or a powered pass-through cable. I have the same problem on my TV.

im using a usb powered hdd on my pineA64 2gb android 5.1.1 64gb micro sd with touch screen powered by the micro usb, 80GB  5400 rpm Hitachi sata hdd, its power requirements are 5v 700mA, the usb cable iv'e got uses 2 usb plugs just a cheepie off ebay, about $7, 1 plug has a thick cord and the other plug is a thinner cord, if i put the thick plug in the top port and the other in the bottom port it works fine, if i swap the usb plugs around it just clicks

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