Pinebook 1080p screen with other SBC?
Hello all,

I cracked open my pinebook after I noticed the hindge was opening the case a little bit when opening the lid.  Some of the plastic is broken in many of the screw points, so it got me thinking; what are alternative ways to reuse the hardware in my pinebook.  From the wiki doc on the LCD screen it said that the interface for the screen is an eDP (embedded DisplayPort), but the ribbon cable on the pinebook board is the same size as the DSI interface on a raspberry pi 3b (and others).  But I also noticed that the same cable drives the web camera too.  

The cable has the following information on the sticker that was covering the connector:
YD200 LCD Cable
P/N: FPC-C0176
Date code: 18/10/08
Vendor code: XBH

Is there an easy (cheap) way to adapt this to DSI or HDMI input?  I would like to use it with a Retropie setup.


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