Notebook-workstation for power users?
Hello pine64 community!

I am really happy to finally see great laptops such as the pinebook pro, stating to emerge with RISC - ARM architecture.

I have been following the developments for years and although in the smartphone, iphone, ipad product lines there are super fast RISC SoCs since many years, there is a long delay for this technology to pass to the laptop sector.

Pinebook Pro is the best available laptop right now in the market for an amazing price and I wish to congratulate the Pine64 designers for this effort.

Unfortunatelly, my personal computer needs are a bit more demanding, using my laptop for mathematic-scientific simulations and although I wish to ditch my x86 laptop for years now I still can't do it.

Fortunately, the last crop of arm chips (ie cortex A76, A77 not custom samsung or Apple chips) seems that they have caught up with the x86 ones and they demonstrate HUGE improvements on single thread and multithread performance!

Presently, the successor of Rockchip RK3399, the RK3588 based on Cortex A76 is being manufactured and according to Rockchip "mass production is planned for Q1 2020"! That is so soon! Considering that cortex-A76 provides more than 100% performance improvement over the RK3399's cortex-A72 in single thread, it is amazing news! Also Mediatek has announced that they are preparing their next Cortex-A77 Soc for 2020! These are amazingly fast chips!

Please PINE64 designers, for power users like myself consider creating a beefed up version of Pinebook Pro with a SoC like RK3588 and a little bit more RAM, or even better, socketed RAM not soldered so people can upgrade them according to their needs?

Congratulations again for your great products!

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Notebook-workstation for power users? - by Konstantinos - 07-28-2019, 09:02 AM

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