can't install a new OS with sd card. pinebook1080.
(07-24-2019, 05:11 AM)ObviousHobbit Wrote: ok, time for an update.

i ordered 3 new 32gb class 10 microsd's: 1 samsung evo, 1 transcend, 1 sandisk.
the transcend got dietpi flashed: works fine, played a bit with it.
the sandisk was flashed with aosc: blackscreen, nothing happened for 20 minutes.
the samsung got q4os flashed: took quite some time to install but got it started. was to tired yesterday to do more than install and take a short look but worked so far. Installation took quite some time.

soooo it seems sandisk sd or aosc are the problem. i will play a bit with dietpi and q4os and flash one of those sd's with aosc to narrow it down. and perhaps flash something another distro on the new sandisk sd to have that vector covered, too.

@rckt thanks for your answer. the preinstalled distro works "fine" for me. its sluggish and i don't like it but it works. i used it two days ago with my phone as mobile hotspot for some browsing for about 3-4 hours.

Forgive me if I'm mistaken but surely the only test for the media itself is to put the same distribution on all of them (e.g. DietPi) and try them out.
You have too many variables to be able to prove anything with different distros on each of them.

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