Can I use RaspBerry Pi Modules with the Pine?
(04-25-2016, 06:30 AM)shivamvahia Wrote: I have a Pine64+ with 2GB RAM and am a newbie. I did buy th WiFi Module but now I regret not doing so with the Camera. 
Do other RaspBerry Pi Modules available in on Amazon work with Pine? 

And if I may ask further, can other components like Proximity and Ambient Sensors also work?

A Pi camera will definitely NOT work on the Pine, the connectors while physically slightly similar have vastly different pin spacing and I would imagine pinout. At this time I am not sure the Pine folks are even shipping a working camera yet as they evidently found noise issues with theirs. 

As for modules, where to begin.. 

The pine64 has GPIO pins so do the Pi. The headers are supposed to be similar and compatible? When you compare the pine ( ) to the Pi ( ) they appear to be the same. So connecting them may work. The problem you are going to find is getting it to work. While I know someone has already ported one of the python libraries from the Pi ( ) . Will things work? No one can say until they have been tested. Is there risk in such testing, possibly. So keep that in mind. 

Individual sensors that connect to individual pins will likely be the most compatible using the appropriately ported software.

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