Replace/Upgrade trackpad
Hi, I'm the owner of the original 14" Pinebook and the touchpad/trackpad is almost unusable for me :-( The surface is kind of rough, but either I have an faulty part or the overall quality is just horrible.

Sometimes as I slide my finger across the cursor stops or makes jumps, on the other hand the movement is so sensitive that I have big issues stopping at most of the UI elements, even big buttons. In other words - the cursor will not track the movement of my fingers properly but once set in motion it has some kind of weird inertia ... I didn't find any way yet to fix it on the software side. This behaviour happens on recent Armbian Buster with mainline Kernel

Anyhow, I have an old Synaptic touchpad form some notebook I bought on eBay for few bucks and the seller already soldered PS2 cable to it, so I can use it as a normal PS2 touchpad. I wonder if I could connect it to the Pinebook internally. PS2-USB adapter would be an option as well as long there is some internal USB connection in the Pinebook.

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