Just got my Pinebook, and a few questions
I have a few of the Pine products, which I use for testing and teaching Games coding for beginners. 

Im also working on a project to deliver some outreach courses to African countries to target potential new developers who may not have the chance to get access to usable computers much less expereinced game developers as teachers.

With that in mind I am exploring the Pinebook as a possible unit give to students and then hold courses to teach them the basics.

My 1st impresssions of the Pinebook are really great, out of the box running KDE neon 5.15 its clearly fully working, its a bit slow but thats expected, I don't need massive power, only funtionality. I was able to install Code::Blocks and run some test projects. I'm going to try some graphic tests shortly too. I'll continue with KDE Neon for a while but there might be a good reason to change to another OS (I note it does eat a lot of my 2Gb)

I wonder if I can pick your brains though, for full usability I need an OS that has OpenGLES2.0 graphic drivers for the Mali 400 GPU (is it a single core??)

Can anyone tell me which of the current ones have hardware access to the GPU?


Brian Beuken,
Very old game programmer, teaching very young game programmers, a LOT of bad habits.
Lecturer in Games Programming @ BUas in The Netherlands. Author of The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming. Check out my website www.scratchpadgames.net and feel free to join the forum even if you don't own the book.  

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Just got my Pinebook, and a few questions - by Brian Beuken - 05-29-2019, 07:40 AM

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