connect power in reverse :(
(05-23-2019, 10:14 AM)nhzgroup Wrote: Thank you, I will, do you think other components might also be damaged?


It's impossible to know for sure without testing it. Luckily, those DC regulators are pretty early in circuit, so there's not much which is likely to be blown by this. The main thing which I may be concerned about is D2000 (diode). I do not have an RP64 on hand to check right now, but it may be the skinny black component just below the 4pin connector in your image.

I was not involved in the design of the board, but it's likely that D2000 is actually supposed to prevent reverse polarity damage (sadly didn't work here). It could be just fine (good, obviously), failed open (not ideal, but won't stop the board from working), or failed short (likely to get very hot and maybe burn up itself and/or board traces).
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