NetBSD will does not install to eMMC
I downloaded the NetBSD Pinebook image from ( and created a microSD card, as directed using Etcher. My Pinebook (1080p) booted, but when I dd'd the image to /dev/rdl2c I got a ton of errors. Now my Pinebook does not boot, unless there is a SD card inserted.

arm64# dd if=NetBSD-evbarm-aarch64-201905120950Z-pinebook.img of=/dev/rld2c bs=1m conv=sync
    dd: /dev/rld2c: Input/output error
    30+0 records in
    29+0 records out
    30408704 bytes transferred in 11.143 secs (2728951 bytes/sec)
This generated a ton of "ld2c: error writing fsbn..." errors. When I reboot I get a blank screen.

My disklabel looks like this:
arm64# disklabel ld2

    # /dev/rld2:

    type: ld

    disk: ld2

    label: default label


    bytes/sector: 512

    sectors/track: 63

    tracks/cylinder: 32

    sectors/cylinder: 2016

    cylinders: 1040

    total sectors: 2097152

    rpm: 3600

    interleave: 1

    trackskew: 0

    cylinderskew: 0

    headswitch: 0           # microseconds

    track-to-track seek: 0  # microseconds

    drivedata: 0

    5 partitions:

    #        size    offset     fstype [fsize bsize cpg/sgs]

     c:   2097152         0     4.2BSD      0     0     0  # (Cyl.      0 -   1040*)

     e:    163840     32768      MSDOS                     # (Cyl.     16*-     97*)

    disklabel: boot block size 0

    disklabel: super block size 0
    disklabel: partitions c and e overlap

Any ideas on how to get NetBSD running on my brand new Pinebook?


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