Pine A64 stuck in boot process
I bought two new Pine A64 boards to see if it was a hardware issue, but the same thing happened with the new boards. I ended up having to just reinstall a fresh copy of Xenial onto a new card. Luckily, the old SD card was in perfect order, so I just mounted it via a USB adapter and was able to copy all of the configuration files for my minidlna server, as well as my cron jobs, and I've got it back up and running. I guess the old SD card just gave up the ghost for booting properly, even though the data was fully intact. It is kind of weird that it is missing the small Fat32 boot partition on the old card. I can't remember if that was always missing, or if that's a new thing. The new disk has one, so maybe that's what caused this mayhem. Any way I slice it, just reloading the OS seems to have resolved the problem.

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Pine A64 stuck in boot process - by joey - 05-13-2019, 08:32 PM
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