ROCKPRO64 suitable for experimenting with custom NVMe drivers?
One thing I would say is that there is a problem with the current kernel releases that has made my cluster completely useless for the 6b months I have had it because the current nvme driver in ayfuns kernel release (I've been using the armbian build) hangs the desktop completely. There is a post somewhere in this forum that suggests the issue is with the pulse audio drivers in the desktop.

see here for my saga trying to get nvme working in a desktop release;

The post somewhere on this forum is quoted belolw;

"Currently working on the issue. It seems - as odd is its sounds - that the problem is somehow linked to pulseaudio. If you uninstall pulseaudio, and use alsa instead, the issue will just vanish. We have tried blacklisting PCIe for pulse in udev, and it prevents the issue from happening, but it also returns a segmentation error (SATA card / other adapter not accessible). Its very very strange".

So if you plan on developing a driver be wary if you enable the desktop

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