Tracking info doesn't make sense

From the above, it shows that on April 25, the item was updated to be ready for dispatch and for the Origin, it was updated to say "离开深圳市 发往汉城" which a translation site says means "Leaving Shenzhen City to Seoul". And it says that it's coming from China Post.

But previously, it showed that it was coming via China EMS and on April 18, it showed it as having been updated made ready for dispatch and with the same origin statement of "离开深圳市 发往汉城".

And when I go to

I see China Post tracking saying that on April 18, the item went through customs. On April 19, it was transferred to the airline. And on April 25, it cleared customs and was transferred to the airline, both apparently for a second time.

Through email, all I got was a pine64 rep saying that hopefully it's made it aboard the plane but I have no idea if it has. For all I know, it's heading back to Chinese customs for a third time. It seems to be going back and forth between the plane and customs.

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