Pre-boot questions
(04-29-2019, 03:55 PM)bkheath Wrote: This is embarassing (again),

My RockPro arrived and everything is there but it seems I neglected to order a heatsink (could've sworn there was a High Profile in my cart).

The safe option is to leave everything in it's packaging, order the heatsink and a couple of other accessories that were already on the list,  then sit on my hands till they arrive.

The tempting option is to go ahead and assemble everything (perhaps excepting the LED light lead) without the heatsink (there is a fan for the NAS case) and then install the heatsink when it arrives.

The question is will the fan in an NAS case provide enough cooling let the RP run safely?

I'm assuming that an NAS server with low demand will not put too much thermal strain on the board, and that streaming  TV would be much more demanding and should be limited to short term testing, or avoided entirely.

Is this a fair estimate?

Are there other problems with this idea?

Thanks again for your time.

Brett K. Heath

There is thermal throttling which will kick in once the chip gets to about 83C, and at ~90C it will shut off, all you need is a 40mm heatsink which is a standard size I think.

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