Powering 4 Hard Drives and Marvell Controller Functionality
(04-15-2019, 02:20 PM)tllim Wrote:
(04-10-2019, 07:03 PM)epoliqui Wrote: Hey all! 

I have a question about the rockpro64. It has a pci-e slot which is super cool, and allows me to plug a pci-e raid controller in for a NAS. The one on the website has 2 sata ports, but I'm looking for 4 sata ports, I've read that marvell based cards work well with the rockpro64 and linux. 

The SATA power cable in the store works with two hard drives, but how would i power four 2.5" hdds? Could I just splice two of those cables together? Would I have to power them externally?

Has anyone made a 4 HDD NAS with the rockpro64? I'd love some tips.


The Marvel 4 SATA ports card works on ROCKPro64. However, the ROCKPro64 power circuit only can carry up to 2 HDD driver due to HDD current consumption. For 4 HDD, it is better to power externally. Unless your 2.5" HDD is power efficient type, you can using the STA power Y split cable as below link. This assumption based on you are using +12V 5A power supply and your 4 HDD combine power consumption less than 20Watt


Thank you!

Is there a specific distro that's more compatable with the marvell controllers? and are they plug and play?

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