KNOWING how to properly use the "dd" command.

Does anyone have any information regarding where I can find a good, understandable tutorial on how to use the "dd" command for transferring a file to an SD card? To eMMC bulk storage, if that's possible?

There are plenty of good "type this in" code examples** in these forums; what I'd like to see somewhere--anywhere--is a "dd For Dummies" kind of tutorial (I know how to check the 'dd' man page--absolutely NOT what I'm asking for).

Thanks, in advance, to anyone who knows of a good, understandable-by-anyone source (again: anywhere) of "dd"-use information.

**There are also several examples of users' failures, because they didn't / don't have access to the type of tutorial I'm asking about. Again: many thanks.

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KNOWING how to properly use the "dd" command. - by chessie - 04-06-2019, 10:06 PM

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