Consistent boot from SSD? Is it possible?
I also posted this to the Armbian forum.

I can never seem to get the Rock64 to boot consistently from the SSD. Sometimes it comes up, sometimes it just "hangs". About once out of every 6 or seven times can I SSH into it - this is regardless of distro whether it's Bionic or Stretch. This is of course after flashing it to allow for USB boot.
On the Pi, I was able to solve this 100% of the time by using a small microSD card with nothing but "bootcode.bin" and an empty file called "timeout" which tells the boot to hang for a bit while things "spin up" and the SSD (or HD) mass storage come available. Once I did this, all my Pi's work great. In addition with the Pi I am able to do all of this completely "headless" where I can restore an .img onto the SSD, copy over a wpa_supplicant.conf file and touch an ssh file and "boom", I can always get to it consistently without having to prep it by plugging in a monitor and keyboard to make manual changes before booting it headless. 
Are there any steps to make this a similar possibility with the Rock64? Is there some image I can put on an SD card that will accomplish the same thing and then let bootup happen and continue on the image restored to the SSD that is hanging off the USB 3.0 port? Personally I don't care if it has a microSD in it or not - as long as it boots consistently 100% of the time and all of the real I/O occurs on the SSD drive. 

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Consistent boot from SSD? Is it possible? - by SirRyanTheGeek - 04-02-2019, 09:33 AM

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