NAS Case and two hard drives?
I finally got around to putting together my RockPro64 and the NAS case.

I have the PIne64 power supply (12V/5A) as well as 2 8TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives.

When I booted from Armbian, NextcloudPI, and Ayufan's OMV image on an EMMC card, all is fine.

Once I added the 2 Drives, nothing...

Reimaged the EMMC and tried with 1 Drive, nothing...

Reimaged the EMMC again and tried with a WD 4TB Red NAS drive, nothing...

Reimaged again and tried with just the EMMC card and all is fine.

Guessing the Hard Drives I have are drawing too much power for the stock Pine64 power supply. Is it possible to put in a higher amp power supply? Maybe 6 or 7 amps?

Thoughts or suggestions?


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