[Solved]Need Help with Power Supply Spec: Has Pico Cluster completely screwed me up ?
Hi All,
        I purchased 10 x RockPro64 + 64GB eMMC + NVMe PCIe Card  for my cluster.

I then purchased a PicoCluster 10H (High Power) RockPro64 Case PSU Kit etc etc.

I have had 3 months of sheer hell getting the cluster working with any degree of stability.

Their wiring loom was so unprofessional I should have had the alarm bells ringing at the beginning.

They were shoving 3-4 awg 22 cables into fork crimps rated at awg 14-16 and the cable insulation was not properly secured as a strain relief. The power would intermittently drop if you wiggled the cables too much.

So I rewired the loom .. and in doing this I noticed the power supply was 5v 18A   ...

When I checked the specs of the Rock Pro 64 it says 12v 3A minimum .

Am I right to go ballistic at PICO Cluster for this massive bit of incompetence?

I don't know if the spec has changed on the Rock Pro 64 and it was 5v 3A?

I am surprised that the RockPro64 would even boot on 5V when it was rated at 12v!

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[Solved]Need Help with Power Supply Spec: Has Pico Cluster completely screwed me up ? - by axelf - 03-09-2019, 02:54 PM

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