Does any Os work yet?
I don't know if I am particularly unlucky but every version of Op system I have tried either dies or just doesn't do anything after sign on even after leaving fora bout 20 minutes.  I have the 2gb 64 bit Pine and have tried to date Debian - gives up ghost after initial load!, Ubuntu started to look good but when trying to load firefox and Thunderbird stated something wrong and tried to report without success, gave up after 20 minutes staring at the aport icon.

I used to run various flavours of Linux including Fedora, Ubuntu and Suse on Intel Pcs so am not frightened to dig in a try things but really don't know where to start.  Indeed ran my business on Linux for a number of years before transferring to Apple.

Can any one recommend a working Linux distro for the pine 64 2GB or do I give up and buy a Raspberry?

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