[split] Better WiFi/BT module?
If possible, could you please add Intel Wireless-AC 3168 or 3165 modules?
Also Qualcomm Atheros cards would be good.
The main issue with Realtek WiFi, is the the drivers are absolutely horrendous, and usually very unstable (former beta tester here, and Realtek did not seem to care about the quality of their drivers when I spoke with them about it).
Broadcom is also alright, however on Linux the best quality is with Intel and Qualcomm (due to them actually being serious about supporting Linux).

Regarding firmware, Also Realtek utilizes closed-source firmware, so that is not a real reason to go with them.
Realtek being the only option (I do not see any other boards I can connect to the WiFi/BT socket) is currently my main blocker from buying any Pine64 boards (and I'd love to switch over from Raspberry Pis), with my secondary blocker is (for me) inadequate USB I/O (I require at least 4 ports, not including USB-C, so 4 USB2 ports is better for me than 2 USB2 and 1 USB3).

I am interested in AMPAQ's quality though, so if anyone can post about it, I'd be very happy.

By the way, since the RockPro64 already has a PCIe x4 connector, why not start using M.2 for WiFi/BT on future iterations of Pine64 products? This will widen compatibility with more cards, as well as allow for more bandwidth (say if one would wish to use the Intel Wireless-AX 22260 for up to 600Mbts on 2.4Ghz Wireless-AX, or up to ~2400Mbts on 5Ghz Wireless-AX).

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