Pinebook Issues
(05-17-2019, 01:48 PM)notpod Wrote: Correct.

Use a good sdcard (samsungs have never failed me in my PB, patriot brand = fail).
Not a fan of etcher but it should work.
IMO the Manjaro OS options are the best available atm.

I am afraid I have exactly this symptoms with Manjaro right now, although it seems I might be the only one.
These problems also started a while ago after an update. before that it was to rock solid.
Mind you, very occasionally it works and then the system runs stable until the next reboot when the short flicker and then black screen.
To identify the issue it might also be worth noting that the Manjaro system seems to boot correctly, just the display does not come up. If I wait a bit after the boot and then with the black screen use the keyboard to change to console, log in and the key is ‘poweroff’ the system actually turns off. Makes me think that the boot was successful except for the display.

Maybe you could try that with KDE Neon to narrow things down?
After you waited a moment to give the boot process time to complete the key combination is:
1. Ctrl + Alt + F1
(to get to a console, you are now on a text login screen)
2. username + Enter
3. password + enter

you have now entered a terminal screen and can key in commands as usual, but as you still can’t see the one that I use to check it works is ‘poweroff’
4. poweroff + Enter

The Pinebook should now turn off after a few seconds (the green power light turns off).

Unfortunately not a solution to the problem but maybe it helps to identify one..
Btw, the above procedure should work on many linux systems and if another linux on SD card works you can try it with working display there first.. (sometimes it needs ‘sudo poweroff’ plus password)

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