hardware-accelerated video transcoding (Plex) on Rock64
Hi everybody,

I have a Rock64 board which had been lying around for a while, but I now seriously want to deploy as a NAS/Media server replacement for my ageing Synology DS414. Therefore my entry on the forums here Smile

My goal is to run OpenMediaVault as NAS solution. On top of that run Plex Media Server and possibly a few docker containers. I've been testing several images to see which works best for me:
- ayufan's OMV image, with Plex as plugin (or docker)
- Armbian Stretch with Plex installed via Softy
- for testing purposes: another x86 machine with own OMV installation and Plex in docker, but that's beyond the scope of this forum

OMV works perfectly on the NAS with ayufan's build, but the issue is with Plex video transcoding, Obviously the ARM CPU isn't suitable for that but I understood that the Rockchip RK3328 should have hardware encoding/decoding/transcoding capabilities. Plex supports it on Ubuntu, but OMV requires Debian. Since one is based on the other I'm hoping that can be made working.

But before I spend an inordinate amount tyring to get this working (and I'm not a sysadmin): has anybody got hardware accelerated video to work already on Rock64/Linux? I've searched the forum but couldn't find a recent answer to this.

If it works, some pointers how this is done would be MUCH appreciated. If doesn't work, that answer is also helpful because it would save me a lot of time. Thanks in advance!

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