Tutorial[ Seagate Disks ]: Install Seagate OpenSeaChest Utilities
(02-28-2019, 02:02 PM)Neo2018 Wrote: I have decided to install OpenSeachest.
So far my actions are:

Before I put it to copying and the binaries to the final destination, I first wanted to test it.
(02-06-2019, 07:05 AM)tuxd3v Wrote: 7) Now try to see if root, knows about OpenSeachest Utilities:
    type "open" and press <TAB>, you will see at least :
                           openSeaChest_FormatUnit    openSeaChest_PowerControl
openSeaChest_Basics        openSeaChest_GenericTests  openSeaChest_SMART
openSeaChest_Configure     openSeaChest_Info          openSeaChest_ZBD
openSeaChest_Erase         openSeaChest_Logs          
openSeaChest_Firmware      openSeaChest_NVMe        
Try with the command >
cd /root/openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes
openSeaChest_Basics     openSeaChest_Firmware      openSeaChest_Info  openSeaChest_PowerControl
openSeaChest_Configure  openSeaChest_FormatUnit    openSeaChest_Logs  openSeaChest_SMART
openSeaChest_Erase      openSeaChest_GenericTests  openSeaChest_NVMe  openSeaChest_ZBD
type "open" and press <TAB>
No function
-bash: openSeaChest_Basics: command not found
-bash: openSeaChest_Info: command not found
What's wrong, how do I test the functions?
Many Thanks!

Hello Neo2018,
No problem [Image: wink.png]

Because you don't have binaries in final destination and maybe not in the PATH Environment Variable yet, you cannot execute them as if the system knows were they are..
You need to execute, or with absolute paths, or relative to the folder they are:

A example of openSeaChest_Basics options '-h' switch, to see possibilities of the tool:

1) Absolute paths:
/root/openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes/openSeaChest_Basics -h

2) Relative paths:
cd /root/openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes
./openSeaChest_Basics -h

In your case, that you want to see information about the disks( X is your drive letter, a,b,c,d and so on.. ):

1) Absolute paths:
/root/openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes/openSeaChest_Basics --deviceInfo --device /dev/sdX

2) Relative paths:
cd /root/openSeaChest/Make/gcc/openseachest_exes
./openSeaChest_Basics --deviceInfo --device /dev/sdX

In this way, you can use all tools, but its boring since you can follow steps 4,5,6.. and after that you can purely issue the command you want too 

Drop me a line, how it were going [Image: shy.png]

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