Bad first experience with rock64. Performs worse than my pi :(
It took me over two weeks to setup my Rock64 2GB to the way I wanted and by God, it outperforms the PI at everything.
It may take a while to setup but it beats the PI3 at everything; for me anyway.

I'm using it as a desktop for Internet browsing and watching movies from a samba share. it's really, really fast! I have a 16GB eMMC but... I've just ordered a SSD and a USB3 to SATA cable to use that with it. can't wait to get it! Big Grin

My point is, RaspberryPI is quicker out of the box and hardly any setting up to do. Rock64 needs a lot of configuring but once it's done, the speed is absolutely awesome!
I can't even imagine how fast the Rock64PRO is.

Just my two cents. Smile

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RE: Bad first experience with rock64. Performs worse than my pi :( - by thatchunkylad1989 - 05-24-2019, 09:42 AM

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