Basic question on the Nas case of the rockPro
Hi there, 

First post in as I'm discovering the world of SoC / SBC and would like to get a RockPro64. I enjoyed reading some of the post around here over the past week as many are very informative!

I was wondering if the Nas case offered for the rockPro would allow the heatsink of 30mm or if it would not work with the disks in. Would anyone know or have a way to measure from the spec?

Side question also, does anyone know if the cards have a low / high chance of having issues? Can we find he failure rate, faulty board %. I guess not but it would be handy to be prepared to the appropriate risk!

Thank for anyone answering here!

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Basic question on the Nas case of the rockPro - by Slam - 01-22-2019, 12:12 PM

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