Pine64 will be supported by HypriotOS (a Debian Jessie based OS for running Docker)

as soon as I get my pledged PINE A64+ board, we'll build a new version of HypriotOS to run on it.

HypriotOS is based upon the latest Debian Jessie and is build as a ready-to-run Linux distribution and includes the complete Docker Tools pre-installed. One of our main goals is it, that the users can download a complete OS Image and flash it to a SD card image or into the device and can instantly start using it. Until now we support the Raspberry Pi family, but plan to extend to more 32- and 64-bit boards soon.

As I understand, PINE A64 is currently only supporting a 3.10 kernel (maybe a 3.18 or 4.x kernel later in 2016). That's not a real concern as I have already Docker running on other 3.10 kernels on ARM64 boards.

So, if anybody wants to get HypriotOS for the PINE A64, please send us your feedback on our Gitter channel or tweet at @HypriotTweets your thoughts and ideas on this project.

And it would be great to get a direct contact and support from the PINE A64 team, this could speed up things for development for sure.


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