How to check eMMC?
Ok. Here's what I did so far:

1) The Pinebook KDE image filesystem is about 6GB and has very little free space. The image does not use the full space available on the 16GB eMMC. I could find no information about checking this or what to do.
2) I was able to use the Pinebook for a short time, but eventually the free space became full. At this point the Pinebook wouldn't boot properly because there was no space available.
3) I managed to get a console login (Ctrl-Alt-F2) but I had to wait a long time for this. At first I was too impatient and turned the Pinebook off too soon. I logged in with the default username and password (live/live) and deleted some files to make space.
4) Now the Pinebook boots properly again, but still has little space.
5) KDE Partition Manager is not installed in the Pinebook KDE image, so I had to install it. It runs, and I can see 8.7GiB of unused space on the eMMC.

I searched the wiki and the forums for information about this, but I couldn't find anything. Can I suggest the following:

1) Install KDE Partition Manager to the Pinebook KDE image, so that it is available to use immediately
2) Add instructions to the wiki about using KDE Partition Manager to expand the fiesystem to the full size of the eMMC, and add a note that this is necessary. Alternatively, command-line instructions could be given.


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