Install Gapps a guide for dummys/Noobs???

I need some help here because I need install Gapps in my Android 8.1.0 installation but I don't understand the process, inside this thread ( I downloaded all needed files. The problem comes when I read:

Activate developer mode and get a root shell:

./adb device

./adb root

./adb remount

............ and so....

I don't understand nothing, 

How I active developer mode? where? I suppose inside my android 8.1.0in my rockpro64 or but not sure...

After that I think that I should launch those commands but from where???? root shell? Should I connect my rockpro64 through class c cable to my windows pc and launch from cmd windows console??? so if the answers is yes, before I must have installed in my windows pc the SDK package? No???? And then????

God! without knowledge's is so difficult, every step ends in a wall!!!  Huh Huh Huh

Please, a kind soul could help me???? If so I promise create and upload here a "baby-step-guide" for people like me. 


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Install Gapps a guide for dummys/Noobs??? - by molnar - 12-17-2018, 04:18 AM

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