Rock64 fedora core 29 boot issue: Help please?
Quick update.... 

I've tried the grub.efi app from the Opensuse tumbleweed repo and grub now loads although I can't seem to get the kernel to boot.

It's a 4.20 version of the fedora kernel.  Looks like Fedoras grub may require a few patches or need a slightly different configuration.  I'll be looking into how Opensuse does things for the for the time being.

I am going to get the 4.20 version of the kernel to boot after I've resolved that issue.  If boots are unsuccessful I'll move on to ayufans mainline kernel and then see if I can bring over what he's done to his kernels to get Fedora to make this board boot. 

If anyone has any wise words I'll love to here them? Around:
* the grub.efi app not wanting to boot a kernel (where to look what tools could help me debug something like this?)

And thanks to everyone who's done work to get me up to this point (ayufans stuff and friends)

It's time to make a wee bit more progress and move forward I hope.


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