Can't get Rockpro to boot
I've been on for a week or so when i've had time but i'm still unable to get anything from Hdmi.
Both lights on the ethernet are solid as well as the green light next to the psu in. I have never seen the white light behind the reset switch lit.
I have a 32GB emmc and a decent samsung sd card, i've written ubuntu minimal to both but have been unable to boot anything. Windows does throw a bit of a hissy after writing with etcher but the image appears to be valid, i've also tried other images. 

Psu is 12v @3000mA. I could possibly try another but don't have one to hand and that is probably now the only thing i have left to do, unless windows is botching the writing process.
I wondered if there was something i have missed, i don't have much experience with Sbc's and i'm really struggling with this one.

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