PineA64 battery in Germany (specifications or alternatives)
I'm using the PineA64 (from the original Kickstarter). 

I live in Germany. 

I'd like to get a battery pack for it, but unfortunately Pine64's store will no longer ship the battery overseas. My goal is to find an equivalent battery here in Germany, preferably on

I've looked up the part number of the battery here, found the specification sheet here, as well as looked at the available documents here in the Wiki. It appears to be a JST three pin connector - with red as power, black as neg/ground, and yellow as ??? (I have no idea) - but I can't confirm. [/url]

Can someone confirm both the connector type and the pinout for me - or perhaps just recommend a compatible battery model sold here in Germany (easiest way to find one might be to go to [url=]


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PineA64 battery in Germany (specifications or alternatives) - by burningkrome - 12-02-2018, 04:10 AM

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