How-To, non-X11: Get 4K (>2560x1600) framebuffer, DRM, GBM, Kodi on HDMI
If I remember correctly, if you just always install the -dev version of everything, it also installs the non-dev pieces too, but 'apt' won't mark the non-dev package as 'installed' if you do that.
I'm not 100% sure if all -dev packages work that way.
I set my system up the hard way - I installed the libs at first and then later installed the -dev versions whenever the compile would fail.

None of the packages are really consistent about naming conventions and whatnot.
For several libs, I had to remove the version number, and append -dev, and sometimes I had to ADD the version number.
Sometimes I had to add the minor version too, or the version number was separated by a dash first, when it wasn't using a dash in the non-dev version.
Stuff like that.
It almost never worked when I just appended "-dev" to the already installed non-dev version of the package.
Had to keep 'apt search'ing because I'm not that bright.

( Within the next 1-3 weeks, I'm going to format AGAIN with ubuntu minimal and do the entire deployment again, and THIS time I will write down the entire stack of 'apt install' stuff needed to build kodi my way, and I'll do it using the minimal amount of packages possible, -dev only, etc. )

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