Is Pine right for me -- if so what board?
(11-30-2018, 07:57 PM)MetroWestMA Wrote: tllim -- I was poking around the site some we would go with the PINE A64-LTS, need the BLE/WiFi module and 7 inch touch screen and need to power another peripheral (maybe 300ma) and a USB Cell modem (varies but maybe 300ma on average and spikes to 2A).  Right now I can get about 5 hours out of a USB 10,000mAH USB charging brick with it wired directly up to the cell modem.  I wonder if the PINE A64-LTS board could supply this current or if I would have to put a large capacitor in parallel to the entire power system when powered on to manage spikes?

Does anyone know the power usage of the PINE64 board compared to a Raspberry Pi?

Also -- I would probably run Ubuntu and would need to rotate the touch panel (video and touch drivers) so it is oriented like a cell phone with the port at the bottom (not on it's side or landscape).  This took some work on the RPI, but doable.

In the worst case I could use an external charging brick to extend battery life when needed, but I wanted to make sure the PINE64 board charging circuit won't reset the board when the external power source is plugged in and removed.

Overall this would appear to be a great upgrade to a RPI for what I am planning -- I'll order some parts.

Also, are there mechanical drawings of the PINE 64 board and 7 inch display that I can get to my mechanical to build a new case?

Thanks for your help....


The PINE A64-LTS battery power already factor in 7" LCD panel consumption. Please visit PINE64 wiki page, http://wiki.pine64,org, for board and LCD panel info.

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