Dead eMMC?
Okay, here's where we stand with this now:
* The eMMC card booted a couple of times with DietPi, but refused to come back up after a reboot. Now it won't boot at all. Burning an image to it with Etcher seems to go okay during the write phase but then takes an age during verification. And it still won't boot. (When I say won't boot in all these cases I mean, power LED okay, no white LED, no screen output). I tried again using the Pine64 Installer (and the DietPi image from the list supplied) and it bombs out during verification saying the card is corrupt. So I'm starting to think the eMMC is faulty. But...
* Using a 32GB SD card, I twice got it to boot (reflashing the card in between), but on reboot the OS reported the card as corrupt. This was with DietPi (which is, by the way, the OS I want to use and am already using successfully on an original Pine64 -
* I tried a 64GB SD card with DietPi. This has so far not corrupted. However, the board never comes back up from a reboot - I have to cycle the power to get a reboot, sometimes twice. As I'm going to be using this headless and remotely as a personal cloud server, that's less than useful. Also, from my previous experience, I'm going to be constantly worried that a card corruption is only one reboot away.
* Tried the 32GB SD card again with the Ayufan Ubuntu 18.04 minimal. Booted once. Failed to reboot. Now won't boot at all from that card (no white LED).

I will try with one more SD card I have available. But unless I can get a reliable reboot from the command line, I simply can't use this thing. And I feel certain that eMMC card is faulty. I ordered another (32GB) eMMC card but have since requested cancellation of the order because I'm not confident this kit is up to the job and don't want to waste more money on it.

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