Pinebook serial info
(11-18-2018, 09:52 AM)maldus Wrote: Hello everyone,
I need help understanding the possibility of using the audio jack a serial connection. Specifically I want to know:
   1. How to enable this serial port
   2. What I can do with it

I've found at least 3 different ways to activate it: the guide pointed by the store (, the script ( and toggling the switch inside the case.

Only the switch worked for me, and I was able to see the Pinebook boot logs and access a login shell. I was also able to open /dev/ttyS0 from the Pinebook and send characters to the other end, but I wasn't seeing anything I wrote from my other laptop (is it supposed to work like this? Only a login shell, not controllable thorugh other means?).

Now, if I had to open the case every time to switch back, I'm just going to keep the audio jack. I've eard on the Discord channel however that the soft switch should in fact work. Is that the case? Which method should I use then? None of what I've tried seems to work.

I will check with hardware engineer on whether any change on the software method.

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