BUilding everything from scratch (buildroot)
I just built ayufans latest 4.4.20x   kernel and u-boot from his repo's successfully on the rock64 board not in qemu.
I ran stuff like make blah_defconfig for both and it worked.    Now I am sitting here wondering....great ya fumbled through how are you gonna get that stuff onto the usb3 laptop hdd you have hanging off the board that has free space at the beginning and has a Linux from Scratch systemd build that's sitting on sda2.
I assume I have to dd in the 3 (?) required boot .img files I should have from building u-boot.  That's where I'm at and it's the limit of my knowledge on doing this stuff.   I previously built LFS and used ARch arm's uboot and kernel with no problem but Arch arm rootfs and kernel leave alot to be desired as far as correct setting of parameters (bad usb3, nic, ram mem speed drivers/configs) to successfully compile source pkgs the way armbian does.   That's the why of all this ayufan building fyi.
I think I got pretty far for a beginner with a source build of linux.    Now that I've written what I have can someone help me finish this process?    Or should I start a new tread?   I felt this thread has good background so I posted here. I can't find anything else on this but this thread that assumes alot of things the reader would know.  Thanks

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RE: BUilding everything from scratch (buildroot) - by tomarm - 01-23-2020, 05:27 AM

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