Review/Advice for new board owner (support,purchase etc)
Hello and thanks for reading.  I plan on buying a Rockpro64 but was really hoping for some honest advice on several matters.  I like the specs and hardware of this board alot and have heard great things about cmunity support which is why I was drawn to this model.  I've read mixed reviews on alot of things so other owners seem to be the best bet.  First, where is the best place to pruchase the board for the U.S.A (direct from etc)?  Second, I own a Tinker Board S and am not a noob with dev boards but I have also never compiled an OS and i do have to research when it comes to more complex tasks like changing uboot or CPU freq etc.  So are the images released fairly stable?  Is pine actively developing their images or is it going to take some work to get this board useable as a basic daily driver Linux PC?  I knows it's a dev board but I will be using it for basic desktop needs including streaming and most likely main dev work will be on the 32 bit board when I become more comfortable.  It will probably be November 2018 by the time I receive it so I'm hoping for any answers or advice you can give.  Thanks again, I'm all ears...I mean eyes to the input.

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Review/Advice for new board owner (support,purchase etc) - by tinkerdan - 10-11-2018, 10:26 AM

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