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(10-01-2018, 10:24 PM)lpninja Wrote: Hi everyone!Nice to meet you. 

I have a Rock64 v2.0, 20170713

I installed:

Armbian_5.59_Rock64_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.152_desktop.img using the Etcher flasher on microSD.

The first time I insert the flashed microSD card into the Rock64 i eventually get a login prompt asking for user.

I write in user: root and press enter.
There is now no response or it hangs for a long time and I don't get the password prompt. Sad

Then I press reset on the Rock64 board and after a while i do get some text on the screen, mainly hexadecimals and addresses cycling through, then the screen goes black. This goes on an infinite repeat loop.

I have a keyboard and mouse plugged in and wired Ethernet.

Does anyone have this or am I approaching this the wrong way? Confused

Many thanks,

You can try out ayufan Bionic LXDE build,, and check whether has similar issue.

You also can post your post at Armbian forum and somebody experience with Armbian build may able to provide better answer.

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