creating bootable remixOS/android MicroSD on Mac OS X or linux?
hi all,

i've gone over the wiki instructions for creating a bootble RemixOS/Android MicroSD drive.

it seems, from these instructions, the only way to create this release MicroSD is using the PhoenixCard software, and that software only works on the Windows platform, and i have no windows machine.
  • is there any way to install the RemixOS/Android image without the Windows PhoenixCard software? Or is Windows with the Phoenix card the only way?
  • is there another, equivalent app that does the same thing in Mac OS X or any flaovr of Linux (those are the platforms i have)?
  • can it be done using Mac OS X/Linus 'dd' — i read ray hightower's quick start guide to pine64 with Mac OS X and attempted to try creating the RemixOS/Android image using those instructions with 'dd,' but the image i made on the MicroSD would not boot. is there another way to do this with 'dd' or some other app or command line utility?
please advise on this — thanks to all in advance.


—  faddah
    portland, oregon, u.s.a.

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creating bootable remixOS/android MicroSD on Mac OS X or linux? - by faddah - 04-16-2016, 02:50 PM

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