Move Installation from SD Card to eMMC?
Doing a direct copy is not really that easy, but it can be done. I'm not that familiar with the filesystem layout of the KDE OS so I can't give exact instructions.

What I would do is get a USB to emmc adapter. Layout the filesystem on the new disk the same as the old. Make a new partition for the /, then either do a dump/restore or rsync from the old to the new. This would be done on a 3rd machine or a pinebook booted from a new disk.

What I've been doing is I have a microsd that I wrote the KDE image to, and I use that to then install onto the emmc. You don't have to go through the install process on the microsd because it takes forever. Find the name of the emmc using lsblk (probably mmcblk1), then write the image to it. Easy. I saved that microsd in case I have to do it again.

There isn't enough hacker info for the Pinebook yet. Either that or I can't find it. The wiki made me hopeful but there's not much there.

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