Sharing first impressions as new owner
Hi, I am new owner of Rock64 4GB powered by genuine 3A psu and storage on Samsung MicroSDHC 32GB EVO Plus UHS-I U1 card.
I will try to share all my findings about this interesting board.
My goal is to achive stable h265 htpc for my old samsung tv.

First of all I was very disappointed how unstable is the stock board. I have tryed Android 7.1 TV, Android 7.1, Bionic minimal linux, Android 8.1, LibreElec and Recalbox. All systems except Android 8.1 and Bionic minimal were randomly freezing or crashing even with heatsinks on cpu and mem.

I have managed to install Kodi 17.6 on Android 8.1, but h265 hd iptv stream was choppy.

Then I reached recalbox installation and was impressed how seamless kodi worked, untill crash.
I suspect overheating to be main problem on my board. Maybe it's bad soldering, design or initial setup. It looks like most systems are crashing above 60'C
I have managed to reach console through ssh and lowered cpu frequency by setting governor to powersave.
Cpu frequency has been reported about 400MHz, I dont remember exact value, and temperature mostly did not exceeded 60'C. 
System was stable for at least 20 minutes and h265 playback was perfect.

I have few questions.

1/ Why the temperatures were so high even on powersave governor (cpu usage was low (top )) ?
2/ Can we lower voltage to cpu, mem and default cpu frequency to lower overheating ?
3/ Is genuine aluminium casing effective against overheating problem ?

Meanwhile I will try to use active cooling and test if my system is stable enough.

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